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wh0.gif (87 bytes)Welcome to Wagonhammer, a diversified cattle operation in Nebraska's majestic Sandhills.  We have a rich history of performance based Angus and Charolais genetics.  Total Performance is more than a phrase at Wagonhammer, it's a Program! 

wh0.gif (87 bytes)ANGUS HERD: Flash!  Wagonhammer just completed its 39th Total Performance Production Sale.  It was a record setting day.  Here is the Sale ReportThanks to all the customers who supported us so well. 

wh0.gif (87 bytes)HERD SIRES: Visit our HERD SIRES page to see some of the outstanding bulls being used in the Wagonhammer program. Learn more about Styles Upgrade, WAR Hero, Baldridge Explorer X233, Boyd Benchmark, WAG Full Moon, WAG Time Saver, First Impression, and WAR Lucky 7.

wh0.gif (87 bytes) CLUB CALVES: Stop and see our fall born clubbies. Sires include Two Tone, Man Among Boys, Yellow Jacket, Stud Monkey, Believe in Me, Full Moon, Ali 2, Untouchable, Smilin Bob, Gold Rush, Heat Wave 5, Built Right, Milk Man, Monopoly $, Sure Bet and more.  Give Myron Benes a call if you would like to have a look (402.649.2719).

wh0.gif (87 bytes)100 YEARS STRONG!  Our business was founded in 1910 by my Grandfather and his brother.  In 1895 they came to the new world as two penniless German teenagers. They came without their parents, didn’t know English, and had never raised cattle.  But, they believed in the American dream.  Now, a century later that dream continues.  Many thanks to all of you that have supported us in the past as you have played an important part of our success.  Together, we’ll have a great start on the next 100 years.  We have a great group of people committed to raising "TOTAL PERFORMANCE" cattle.  Learn more about Wagonhammer


Wagonhammer Ranch
PO Box 548
Albion, NE 68620
(402) 395-2178