Bred Heifers for Sale

Wagonhammer has a fancy set of Commercial Bred Heifers for sale. They are Angus and Angus X due to begin calving March 1st. They have been AI'd to angus calving ease sires well proven in Wagonhammer's program: Connealy Answer, KCF Bennett Architech, and Lucky 7 Copyright 137. They were cleaned up for 45 days with Wagonhammer raised angus calving ease bulls. You have to see these heifers to appreciate their excellent quality. Call Joe Epperly to discuss: 303.884.3400.

Registered Angus Cows for Sale

Registered Angus Cows, to begin calving March 1st. AI'd to some of the breeds best. This set of cows will be a geat addition to anyone's herd.

100 Years Strong!

Our business was founded in 1910. Learn more about Wagonhammer, its history, and the people dedicated to raising TOTAL PERFORMANCE Cattle

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Sale Photos

WAR Payweight D502 B501- born 7/25/16
Payweight 1682 x PA Safeguard 021

WAR Bullet Proof A386 E231 – born 2/26/17
WAR Bullet Proof C357 x Sitz Upward 307R

WAR Resource D533 Z504 born 8/10/16
S A V Resource 1441 x Styles Upgrade J59

WAR Generation X224 E296 – born 3/10/17
V A R Generation 2100 x Mytty In Focus

WAR 1682 A296 E255 – born 3/3/17
Basin Payweight 1682 x SAV Brillance

WAR Black Granite C4002 E056 – born 2/5/17
Connealy Black Granite x RB Active Duty 010

WAR Black Granite C238 E039 – born 2/3/17
Connealy Black Granite x DDB Innovator 2154

WAR Bullet Proof B009 E125 – born 2/18/17
WAR Bullet Proof x SAV Brilliance

WAR Cash B072 E137 – born 2/19/17
Barstow Cash x Styles Upgrade

WAR Discovery D547 5079 – born 8/23/16
V A R Discovery 2240 x K C F Bennett Architect M299

WAR Patriot X280 E274 – born 3/7/17
HF Patriot 38A x Styles Upgrade J59

WAR Solution Y285 E317 – born 3/13/17
KG Solution 0018 x Styles Upgrade J59